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Hi! I'm Grace from @lefty._.letters on Instagram and welcome to my website! I'm really bad at writing bios but you can read this if you want :)

I'm 14 years old! Yes, I am very young, but I love lettering so much and in the future, hope to run a lettering business! I recently did a face reveal on Instagram but I'm still not ready to show it here... If you want to see who I am, go to the highlights on my Instagram profile that says about me.

I started officially lettering in June 2017. And by that, I mean lettering with actual brush pens. Before I got my first brush pens, I used pencil to practice cursive (I didn't know it was called lettering at that time). I got really obsessed in December when I was looking on Pinterest and I first saw what was lettering. I have always loved pretty handwriting and fonts, and when I saw lettering, I was so excited! So I tried it myself and I got obsessed. I used up so much paper that time hahah. Then I finally got myself a Tombow Dual Brush Pen set in July! Those were the only markers I used for a while. On July 14, 2017, I started my lettering account because I didn't want to post a bunch of lettering posts on my personal account, and I also wanted to communicate with other letterers!

Now that I think of it, lettering is my only true hobby I have. When someone asked me what my hobby was or what I liked to do, I didn't really know what I really liked. But when I came across lettering, I found out I really really love it. I really glad I found lettering!!


Btw, I'm not a professional or haven't mastered lettering (no one can totally master anything!) but I'm getting better each day! And I've improved a lot! So if you're a newbie and don't think you're very good, just keep practicing and you will get better, I promise!

Go check out my Instagram: @lefty._.letters! I'd love to communicate with you!


Food: Most noodle stuff, fried stuff, and BOBA (milk tea)!!!

Vacation: Hawaii, and Disneyland w/friends!

Place: Boba stores (I know...)

Color: Turquoise... but I love all colors! I used to love orange but I still like it!

 . . .

Hobby: Lettering/calligraphy (duh)

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