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Hi! First Blog Post!

Hi!! I'm so happy you're here! Welcome to my blog (I know, I've said that too much... I repeat myself a lot)! Here I will be posting blogs about lettering and calligraphy! For example, for beginners, how to do calligraphy, what brush pens I use, and for everybody, how I did my recent post, or other stuff like that! I will also post tips on lettering and lefties (yes, I'm a lefty if you don't know already). I'm so excited to share these with you! I hope I have time to post regularly... but anyways, stay tuned for more! And go follow my lettering account @lefty._.letters on instagram if you haven't already! Feel free to message me with my email:, instagram (DM), or the contact form in the about page! I hope you like my lettering and blog posts! Now go explore this website! :)

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