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Lettering Technique - Color Splotching

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be showing you how to do this technique that I don't know what to call... I'll just call it color splotching. I used this technique in my post before for the first time and I really liked it! So I wanted to show it to you guys too!

(I forgot to take pics when I was making it but you will see pics in future posts!)


Markers of the colors you want (I used Tombow dual brush pens)

Light gray brush pen (I used Tombow)

Paper - if you are going to use a water brush, use watercolor paper!

Blending pen or water brush

First, use a light gray brush pen to letter the word(s). This is very important because it will help you know where to put the colors. If you didn't do this, your words will look weird :)

Then pick the colors you want to use and put the colors in the gray words in any way you want (scattered, rainbow, one color for a letter, etc) - this is the fun part! But be careful not to go out of the lines :)

Finally, blend all the colors together with a blending pen (I used Tombow) or water brush/regular brush! Then you are done! :)

This was my final product! I posted this on Instagram!

Here is a close up of it! I really love how the colors are in random places! You can see that the gray doesn't show up! I hope you liked this tutorial on how to do color splotching (can anyone think of a better name?!?) and I really hope you try this sometime! Thanks for reading! :)

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